Q: I began watching the 'Emotional Healing' video series but I can't open the next one. There's a lock icon over the top of the next one I want to see.

A: Correct, there is a lock over the next video because Dr. Schuller wants to make sure you have time to process the information included in the video you just watched. If you are signed-up for the entire 10 week video course then you will also have time to pray and complete the worksheets/homework provided for you.

Q: How do I use a coupon?

A: In most cases, the coupon offered may already be applied and you won't have the need to insert the coupon code in the coupon field. If you notice the price 'slashed' within the offer price, then know the coupon discount has been applied. If not, then you can fill in the coupon code provided and hit 'apply'. The print-screen below shows a coupon discount has been applied:

Q: I can't log-in to my account. What can I do?

Q- I forgot my password!

Q- My password isnt' working. How do I get a new one?

A: To login and access your account, please click here: https://www.robertschullerinspiration.com/login

If you're unable to login:
1 - Click the 'Forgot Password' link:

2 - Type in the email associate with your account in the 'Email' field and click on 'Send Recovery Info':

3 - Check your email to check your instructions on how to reset your password, and click on this link to access the login page: https://www.robertschullerinspiration.com/login


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